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16th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Predictions

Today, the BFCA announced the nominees for the 16th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. In light of that, I thought I’d go through and make my choices and predictions for who I believe should/will win each award.. So without further ado, my predictions…

Best Picture: We’ll start with the big one. Right off the bat, I think Toy Story 3 and True Grit can be knocked off. Never has an animated movie won this acclaimed award, and the same can be said for remakes. No matter how good either are (Toy Story 3 was good, have yet to see True Grit though), I just don’t see either one bucking that trend. Rather, I think they just received nominations out of respect as they both are (should be) very good movies for the year. Inception and The Town are both very films for the year. However, I think on some level they’re both too blockbuster-ish to really end up walking away with this award. I’d love to see Inception get it, but that’s not going to be the case. The Best Action Movie category will be where these two films shine.

127 Hours I just feel isn’t good Best Film material. This is the sort of film that garners acclaim due to its acting and direction rather than its overall package. Sure enough, too, Danny Boyle and James Franco both receive nods in their respective categories. Winter’s Bone is one of those I didn’t quite get the hype of either. Especially not in the Best Film category. Jennifer Lawrence turned in an excellent performance in her role. However, while indeed enjoyable, the movie itself didn’t come across as anything too terribly special. The Social Network could be the wildcard here. Seemingly, it has sorta faded from the spotlight. However, critics still enjoy it and could prove to push it through. I don’t think it will outshine the buzz behind the two top contenders, though.

The two films I feel will probably be fighting it out for this award will be The King’s Speech and Black Swan. Both have been receiving tremendous amounts of buzz leading into the awards season. Both are great films that would make for a nice choice as winner. I do feel The King’s Speech is more “Oscar-bait” type material, thus more suitable to the liking of critics. However, I’m going to go the other route and predict Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan taking the prize here. Though I’m sure The King’s Speech will prove me wrong (or even more so that The Social Network will come back strong to triumph here).

My Pick: Black Swan

Best Actor: This is a list of some very fine performances. As I mentioned, James Franco gets his nod here, as does my Best Film Runner-up’s Colin Firth. Along with him you have Bridges, Duvall, Eisenberg and Gosling getting nods, all of which I don’t really see walking away with the award. Eisenberg and Gosling are both young actors that will have many opportunities ahead of them, I’m sure. However, I don’t think this is their time. I believe their nominations were done more out of respect, again. Duvall, while turning in a nice performance (as he always does), just won’t be hanging with the top in this list, I don’t think. And ultimately, I feel Bridges will be overshadowed by John Wayne. Don’t get me wrong, Bridges is infinitely times more a better actor. However, John Wayne IS Rooster Cogburn. I just don’t think anybody can watch that movie without constantly comparing and thinking of John Wayne in the role (which was a great fit for him).

Ultimately, this will boil down to James Franco and Colin Firth. If I prove to be correct with Black Swan taking the Best Film prize, I’d almost say definitely look for Colin Firth to take Best Actor. Otherwise, I actually feel James Franco will be the more deserving of this award. But, I also don’t believe they’ll be letting The King’s Speech cast/crew walk out of there without one of the major awards. I’m going, though, with the one I feel should win.

My Pick: James Franco

Best Actress: First let’s say, Nicole Kidman receiving so many Best Actress nominations in the history of this awards ceremony is a great feat. And it would indeed be something if she won again after having one the very first Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress 15 years ago. That’s not going to be the case, though. Now, I’m very pleased to see Noomi Rapace get a nod here for her role in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She deserves it, I think, but she is not going to win either. Michelle Williams I believe is in the same boat as Ryan Gosling (who’s being nominated for the same movie actually). Her nomination being more intended as nothing more than a nod to acknowledge the career of the young actress, but ultimately won’t be in contention at all.

I believe your top 3 contenders here are Bening, Lawrence and Portman. Bening, earlier, received choice as best actress from the NYFCC. Many people have indeed been talking her up as a contender. Plain and simple, though, I just don’t like her. Nothing personal, she just irritates the piss out of me whenever I see her on-screen. So, I don’t like her for this award. That leaves Portman and Lawrence, both of which did very good in their roles. If I’m honest, I see Natalie Portman walking away with this. However, I would really like to see Jennifer Lawrence get it. Her performance was just great. After having seen her all the time playing the ditsy teenage of The Bill Engvall Show, then to watch her transform into Ree Dolly. It was a great turn-around really. Portman, though, we know is a great actress. Her performance in Black Swan proves it yet again. So, despite wanting Lawrence to win, I don’t think that’s the way it will go. Maybe she’ll have better luck in the Young Actor/Actress category.

My Pick: Natalie Portman

Best Supporting Actor: All of these nominees are some fine actors. However, in the end I think it is really a race between the top three: Bale, Rush and Ruffalo. These three seem to be the top choices for critics. And all are coming out of some big Oscar-buzz type movies. Ultimately, though, I’d like to see Bale pick this one up. He’s a tremendous actor, I believe. And his dedication to his craft (ie the weight loss) just makes him that much more impressive. His turn as the crackhead half-brother of Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter just further proves Bale can seriously immerse himself into a character.

My Pick: Christian Bale

Best Supporting Actress: I’m going with Jacki Weaver here. While being more under-the-radar and not having as much Oscar buzz as the others, I believe her performance in Animal Kingdom stands out amongst the others here. Seeing that she was at least acknowledged enough to be nominated bodes well for her I think. I believe her performance to be one of those that may slip under the radar, but if brought to attention, definitely warrants accolades. It was a very gritty and dynamic character role for her.

My Pick: Jack Weaver

Best Young Actor/Actress: Chloe Moretz receiving TWO nominations in this category proves she could very well grow up to be a force to be reckoned with later on. However, I’m going with Jennifer Lawrence here. As I stated before, her turn as Ree Dolly in Winter’s Bone was really a very good performance. Watching her transform from ‘Lauren Pearson’ to Ree Dolly was truly great. I’ve enjoyed Chloe in her roles, but I really want Lawrence to get some recognition for her turn here.

My Pick: Jennifer Lawrence

Best Acting Ensemble: I mentioned I just don’t care for Bening earlier. I also didn’t give Ruffalo the pick for supporting actor. This here is where I see that cast getting their accolades though. Despite not particularly liking Bening, the ensemble did do a very nice job in The Kids Are All Right. I see them getting recognized for it here. That’s if The Social Network don’t swoop in to upend them.

My Pick: The Kids Are All Right

Best Director: Any choice from this category would be a great choice. And I believe are all viable contenders. While I wouldn’t mind Boyle walking away with this, I see The Social Network picking up its praise here. It really was a good all-around movie. While I feel it was outshone a tad bit in previous categories, I definitely wouldn’t want to leave the movie out. And it was indeed some excellent work all-around. David Fincher sounds like a very good choice to walk away with this award. Of course, I am something of a Christopher Nolan fanboy, but that’s just wishful hoping I believe.

My Pick: David Fincher

Best Original Screenplay: I really want Inception to win this one (I told you I’m a Nolan fanboy). I don’t see that happening though. Especially not with Black Swan and The King’s Speech breathing down his neck, both of which seem to be getting the critics whipped up in a frenzy of excitement. Honestly, I believe this award will go to the one of those two which doesn’t get Best Film award. As my previous pick indicates, that means The King’s Speech gets it here. If my doubts/suspicions come to fruition and The Social Network sneaks in and gets Best Film, then this is a toss-up, I believe. Though, I think in that case they’d give it to The King’s Speech still.

My Pick: The King’s Speech

Best Adapted Screenplay: At the end of the day, I’m not really sure there is a competition here. I think, undoubtedly, The Social Network picks this one up. While the others are very good films, The Social Network was a great all-around movie and a very good story. Losing out on the major categories, this movie will make its mark in the sub-categories. This being one of them.

My Pick: The Social Network

Best Cinematography: This one comes down to two for me: Black Swan and Inception. I think Inception would make a very good choice here and Wally Pfister did a great job. However, I see Black Swan taking this one to tack yet another onto that film.

My Pick: Matthew Libatique for ‘Black Swan’

Best Art Direction: Here’s why I go ahead and give Black Swan the Cinematography over Inception. I feel those two will be splitting these two categories and I feel, hands-down, this is the better category for Inception.

My Pick: Guy Hendrix Dyas for ‘Inception’

Best Editing: My Pick: 127 Hours

Best Costume Design: My Pick: The King’s Speech

Best Makeup: My Pick: Harry Potter

Best Visual Effects Sorry, but none of these others can compare to fights in spinning hallways and zero-gravity. Or with the image of Paris folding over on itself.

My Pick: Inception

Best Sound My Pick: 127 Hours

Best Animated Feature This one should be an interesting to watch. Every year (except 2006), the winner of this award went on to receive the Oscar for Best Animated Film. This year critics seem to be pretty torn about which should win, all being very viable contenders. So, the winner here, if history repeats itself as it always seems to do here, should go on to receive an Oscar as well. I can’t really say which way this will tilt. Like I said, I believe it really is a close race. Also to note here, Pixar has won all but once when nominated in this category (the time they weren’t nominated, they didn’t have a film for that year). Furthermore, Pixar has won the past four years. The end of the Toy Story franchise could very well be a great choice to give them that 5th consecutive award. I’m going out on a limb here, though, and saying DreamWorks upsets Pixar. Though Disney itself stands a good chance as well.

My Pick: How to Train Your Dragon

Best Action Movie: All of these have been fun movies to see. Very enjoyable list, indeed. Well, I haven’t seen Unstoppable and don’t really care to so much, but I hear it’s good as well. That being said, I said earlier that Inception and The Town would shine here. Indeed, I believe that to be the case and one of those will walk away the winner here. Of course, while Affleck is proving to be a good filmmaker, I’m going with my bias here.

My Pick: Inception

Best Comedy: I’m sorry, I’m not voting for some teeny-bopper high school rom-com. Also, I was rather disappointed with Date Night. While it had it’s funny moments and was enjoyable, it wasn’t at all what I had hoped it could be. Still haven’t seen I Love You Phillip Morris. I did enjoy Get Him to the Greek, though as Russell Brand is just fun to watch. Ultimately, though, I see Cyrus being much more critic-appealing material, thus it picking up the win.

My Pick: Cyrus

Best Made-for-TV Film Haven’t seen any of these. So, I can’t say at all really. Though, I do have a couple of friends that seemed to enjoy The Pacific. So I’ll go with that.

My Pick: The Pacific

Best Foreign Language Film My Pick: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Best Documentary: I don’t watch documentaries, so I’ve never seen any of these. However, all the talk I’ve heard about Waiting for Superman makes me almost want to give it a try. So, for at least tempting me, that gets my pick.

My Pick: Waiting for Superman

Best Song: My pick is Randy Newman here. That song is just a great feel-good song really. However, I do think “Shine” could sneak in here possibly as it is a good song, and feels more “artsy” which might appeal to critics better. However, I’m sticking with the Toy Story song.

My Pick: “We Belong Together” by Randy Newman – ‘Toy Story 3’

Best Score: I love Hans Zimmer’s work and think he’s an excellent composer. It’s like him, John Williams and Danny Elfman are right up there at the top of the all-time bests for me. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they give this one to Black Swan with which Clint Mansell did do a very nice job.

My Pick: Inception

So there you have my picks and predictions. Disagree? Let me know below. Or feel free to just discuss which nominees you feel will walk away with their respective awards.

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