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2 Dudes and THE Dream

Last week we attended the 2 Dudes and a Dream premiere at Arclight. The film follows the journey of Thomas Price (Brian Drolet) and Sebastian Dinkle (Nic Nac)… just two dudes trying to fulfill the dream in Hollywood. What dream, you ask? Take a wild guess. Yup, you betcha–to be rich and famous.

Celebrities who attended the premiere included Jordan Eubanks, Al Santos, Ryan Cook, Simon Rex, Kristin Cavallari, Carlos Ramirez, Ed Perry, Katja Decker Sadowski, Cameron Goodman, Tanja Reichert, Jason Wahler, Michael Copon, Kristen DeLuca, Brittany Flickinger, Jonathan Keltz, Christina De Rosa, Sidney Faison, Andy Milonakis, Austin Anderson, Jillian Murray, Frankie Needles, Rachele Brooke Smith, Somaya Reece, Joanna Mahaffy, Trisha Cummings and more.

It has potential to become a cult classic, like Napoleon Dynamite. It even stars a Ramirez, Carlos Ramirez, that is. He’s the twin brother of Efren Ramirez, better known as Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. Other notables include Jay Mewes, the ‘Jay’ of Jay and Silent Bob, and Simon Rex, now better known as Dirt Nasty.

Working in Hollywood, we especially appreciated the movie’s parody of the entertainment industry stereotypes and clichés – struggling aspiring actors, agents, producers, entourages, groupies, club promoters, parties, drugs, etc. Oh, and who can forget the ever important “Hollywood D-Bags.” Not saying we know any personally, ahem.

The film pokes fun at the true lives of people who are so admired all around the world. Like Andy M’s character says in the film, “perception is reality”–that’s the Hollywood motto. Things are not as great as they seem. By night, they could be out on the red carpet, but by day, they are struggling to pay the rent, while making sure to keep up with the hottest trends in fashion, hair and diets. It takes a lot of willpower to keep with it and stay in the game, which is the problem Tom faces. Uncertainty of whether he is cut out for the industry, or even wants to be. To quote the film’s website: “This film is intently accessible to a broad demographic ranging from 15 to 45 saturated with pop culture and sophisticated comedic timing. There is an eclectic spectrum of farcical wit and situational comedy.”

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New review for 2 Dudes and a Dream!

Parimal M. Rohit
Bollywood Editor
H'wood Correspondent

Sebastian Dinkle kept his dreams realistic. The stocky, plump, rambunctious farm boy laughed when he was asked whether he was an actor. No, when Sebastian was asked whether he was an actor, he blatantly said acting is something he could never do. He just wanted to do something that was within reach — a career a bit more realistic. Like, you know, be a model.

Hey, a dude can dream.

Tom Price knew the director. The tall and lanky usher at his mom’s movie theatre figured he would stop by the studio, do his director friend a favor, and audition for a lead role in a film. One thing would lead to another, and he would end up on the big screen. In the process, his epiphany would come true, and his friends would say, “Tom was right! He looks gorgeous all blown up!”

Hey, a dude can dream.

As fate would have it, the paths of Tom and Sebastian were inextricably linked. With two very different goals, the modern-day “Odd Couple” had one thing in common -– they were two dudes with a dream. There was only one place to pursue their dreams -– Hollywood.

Welcome to 2 Dudes and a Dream, a silly spoof on the movie business, where every nook and cranny of Hollywood is explored, and no stone was left unturned. Along the way, this wildly entertaining parody mocks just about everything associated with Hollywood, from crazy parties to over-the-top personalities, to sexual fantasies to struggling actors shopping at Pink Dot. In a word, everything in Hollywood is, well, cliché.

The uniqueness that is Hollywood was embodied in Sebastian and Tom -– two innocently young men caught in the glare of fame like a deer caught in headlights. Just like that deer, Sebastian and Tom hoped the metaphoric automobile that is the entertainment industry would slam on the brakes when the oddly dynamic duo walked dead in its tracks. Sure, they may get run over there, but nothing would stop these two “deer” (who became dear friends) from pursuing their dreams of fame and fortune.

As the ambitious duo soon learned, the trick to achieving their dreams was to live by the unspoken credo of Tinsel Town: perception is reality. Or, as one of the supporting actors playing a background actor said in the film, if you believe you are a star, then you are a star.

Learning on the fly, Sebastian soon cannot believe he has his own entourage and is hanging out with beautiful women in jacuzzis. In fact, soon after realizing his “position,” the plump model says to Tom, “Hey look, they are doing cocaine! That’s so cliché in this town!”

Tom’s aspiration to make it to the big screen is just as cliché. He took up demeaning gigs in and out of Hollywood, had no money, struggled to score with women, and had the belief he would be something big sometime soon (even if “soon” was five years later). To get there, he needs an agent and a reel. Of course, an agent will get him the reel he needs, but a reel will get him the agent he needs. D’oh!

In an industry full of clichés, 2 Dudes and a Dream is anything but in the way it mocks Hollywood. Sure, it maybe “cool” and “hip” to make a sarcastically introverted yet sly movie about Tinsel Town, yet what makes this production so different is just how over-the-top it is. Anyone who knows anything about Hollywood will find something to laugh about –- and not a chuckling laugh but a gut-bursting laugh.

2 Dudes and a Dream stars Nic Nac as Sebastian Dinkle and Brian Drolet as Tom Price and features a deep cast of aspiring actors (such as Jordan Eubanks) and newly-minted industry veterans (such as Jason Mewes). Drolet also doubled as the film’s writer, while Nathan Bexton served as director.

Produced by Bird Dog Entertainment, 2 Dudes and a Dream is the ultimate comedy, mimicking Hollywood while also empathizing the struggles of two likeable men who genuinely aspire to make it big in an industry where most do not.

Sure to be a cult classic, the film is not yet rated. Running time is 86 minutes.

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Thomas Price and Sebastian Dinkle invade Hollywood and party at Les Deux in style. Sebastian Dinkle is up for the new Armani campaign, while Thomas Price practices his best impressions at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Markus Shakesalot got in a motorcycle accident earlier this week but suffered minor damage, he released the quote, “I’m still fabulous.”

Dirt Nasty slapped an old man in his dentures and was sentenced to community service, he released a statement, “Suck it.”

London Motel Seis went to France and many other countries and returned back to the US still vapid. Her pet snake in hand she applied lipstick in the LAX airport as on-lookers snapped photos, the socialite blew kisses and got in her Limo.

Renegade Assassins has been confirmed by the studio that it will have a Fall 09’ release.

Sebastian Dinkle lost 8 pounds, but apparently just regained 4.

Thomas Price is still trying to figure out how to make a reel.