2 Dudes and a Dream - The Hollywood Comedy 2009
2 Dudes And A Dream is as visually compelling as it is sardonically hilarious. Ripe with parody and satire the film taps into the spirit of independent cinema coupled with studio accessibility. This film is intently accessible to a broad demographic ranging from 15 to 45 saturated with pop culture and sophisticated comedic timing. There is an eclectic spectrum of farcical wit and situational comedy. This hyper-realized piece is cinematically shot in the essence of a stylized drama with dark comedic undertones all the while maintaining the light hearted nature of the plot. This film has been shot in High Definition with a 35 millimeter adapter and Panavision lenses. No expenses have been spared on the look and production value of the film including location, wardrobe, and talent. This hilarious parody is engineered to enthrall those prone to MTV and those prone to CNN, giving the profit margin and box office potential the ability to thrive. This film truly has the potential to become a cult classic yet compete directly with any studio comedy released.
Directed by:
Nathan Bexton
Director of Photography:
Matthew Rudenberg
Produced by:
Cole Payne
Producer and Written by:
Brian Drolet
Story by:
Brian Drolet
Jordan Eubanks
Adittional Writing by:
Nathan Bexton
Will Strode
Jordan Eubanks
Nic Nac
Costume Designer:
Christina Kane
Production Designer:
Executive Producers:
Maryanne Siena
Stephen Drolet
Jeremy Jobe
Jason Wahler
Matt Benton
Josh Goldstein

Steve Dodson
Alex Popowitz

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